Bud Light Seltzer

The Challenge
Create a Bud Light Seltzer campaign that reflects a diverse consumer group and highlights the power of flavor.

Project Kick-Off

To kick off the project, the team at Forae Factory began by conducting research to understand the needs and behaviors of Bud Light's target audience. Based on this research, they created personas and user journeys to inform the design process.

Next, the team at Tech Studio worked on developing a design system.

Project Insight

We each have our own unique flavor. Celebrate what brings us all together.

Using this insight as a guide, the team partnered with Lerma Agency to build the "Bud Light Seltzer Occasion" and produced a fun, high-energy and resonating photoshoot to be used across the brand.

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Bringing Design to Life

Once we had multiple design concepts, we began building 3D mockups to bring the design to life.

Throughout the project, Forae Factory worked closely with the Bud Light team to ensure that the end result met their needs and expectations. The final product was a beautifully designed campaign that accurately represented Bud Light's brand and effectively met the needs of their target audience.

We kept the design clean and modern with a focus on fun, inviting imagery while keeping brand cohesion at the forefront.

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